Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pittsburgh Places that Rule: #1 The Potato Patch

So for those of you Pittsburghers who think Kennywood is awesome for their rides and those of you Non-Pittsburghers who think Kennywood stinks, YOU'RE BOTH WRONG!  Growing up in Ohio I definitely was spoiled by awesome roller coaster rides.

Cedar Point or Kings Island may have WAAAAY better rides, but Kennywood has one thing no other amusement park will ever outdo, The Park Food!

My all time favorite Kennywood food stop is the Potato Patch.  Patch Fries are THE BOMB!  And the other AWESOME thing about Kennywood Food -- it's terribly CHEAP!  If I were to get french fries at Cedar Point they'd be like $10 or something crazy like that.  I've never been able to eat an entire order of Patch Fries the serving size is so huge.

You get these crazy steak cut fries that they cut and fry up right in front of you, and then you can smother them with whatever toppings you choose: Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Gravy (Yes. Pittsburgh has this weird obsession with smothering just about anything with French Fries or Gravy), Garlic, Salt, Onions and Bacon...mouth watering yet?  Take a look at this:

The park serves more than half a million orders in just 4 months! Crazy, right? They have definitely won an award for "Best Park Potato" (did you even know there was such an award out there?).  While I'm partial to the fries at the park (that only cost $5.50 most of their food items are less than $5!) Kennywood knows what's up with other park food too...

Some other parky faves are the double header ice cream cone at the Golden Nugget.  It's this insane double ice cream cone thing rolled in chocolate and then covered in jimmies (Yeah. Pittsburgh calls sprinkles "jimmies", funny huh?)  Or the mouth waterer I haven't even gotten to try yet is the Blueberry Slushie mixed with Vanilla Frozen Yogurt!  And you can't forget before you walk out of the park to buy some chocolate covered potato chips, fudge and a bag of fresh made cotton candy FOR ONLY $2.80!!!!  You think I'm kidding.  You need to see for yourself.

The rides may be no Magnum but you also never need to budget two hours of time to wait in line.  I've never waited longer than 30 minutes to ride a coaster at Kennywood.  So not only can you ride your favorite rides MORE than once you can eat more park food because it's super duper cheap! And it tastes better too!

I need to tell Kennywood I've got the best new money maker for them...they need a park pass that is just for people who want to go eat park food and not ride.  Then they'd really rake in the dough and could maybe even build some new and improved coasters with the extra cash!  No worries for those of you who are still riders, these foodies won't be taking up a spot in your coaster line :)