Hi.  I'm Lisa!  Welcome to my blog.

I'm a Ohio born Pittsburgher that recently relocated to the city I was destined!  Both of my parents were from Pittsburgh so, I grew up in Ohio as a huge Pittsburgh sports fan.  After years of being haggled by all those crazy Dawg Pound Browns fans, my husband, Tommy & I moved to Pittsburgh! 

I guess you would say I'm the "Mother" of two hilariously awesome mutts, Hurley & Sheldon.  Depending on my mood they go by many different names: Hurl Cat, Mr. Chill, Chilli Mac, Baby Shel or HEY, YOU!  They are awesome and totally great.  Who knew dogs could have such different personalities.  Hurley is our up-for-anything, fearless spotted dog that has breath like a turd, and Sheldon is our shy, skittish, sweet-baby that lives to be petted. 

The past few years Tommy & I have been in several transitions that led to us being planted here in Pittsburgh.  Having bounced around from Columbus, Ohio to Jasper, Indiana to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a matter of three years it sure made it tricky to make new friends.  I've become accustomed to spending time learning new hobbies, tricks of the trade and I think I've started talking out loud to myself (let's just say I'm talking to the dogs.). 

This blog is a montage of adventures for the things I learned to love: Dogging, Crafting, Reading, Cooking and I'm sure some other Jack-Of-All-Trade type posts.