Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gone Girl - The craziest train wreck of a book I've read in a while...

I'm always intrigued by best sellers, and had been hearing pretty good reviews about this book so I read it myself to see what the hype was...

When I started reading it, initially, I was hooked. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for a good mystery story or anything that reminds me of law and order. The book is pretty suspenseful and it's one I found hard to pull myself away from...   [Bout to start spoiling....I'm giving you fair warning to stop reading if you haven't read the book yet]...UNTIL NICK STARTED CHEATING ON HIS WIFE, AMY!

Cheating and relationship infidelities always hit a nerve with me. I find myself rolling my eyes and get really disgusted with the story line.  I started finding myself waking up in the night slugging Tommy in the arm because I was having terrible dreams.  My husband and I were talking about the books we were both reading (cuz that's what we do for fun...I know, we're weird.) and when I shared with him how this book was getting to me, he suggested I stop reading it.  I thought about it for a sec...but I was hooked at least for some sort of remorseful resolve or something.

Soooooo....I kept reading.  It was like stupid Nip tuck (man...I'm all kinds of confessing tonight...terrible inappropriateness, but I couldn't stop watching.). The book was turning into more and more of a train wreck as I continued reading.  Thankfully (I can't believe I'm using that word to describe anything about this book) it turned out that Amy was just as crazy and unstable as her cheating husband.

Cheating husband, psycho wife...plots her own fake murder...frames her husband, runs away, comes back. Here's where I REALLY start getting annoyed. When she magically returns to town after being missing/murdered for a month she is just allowed to live with her husband no questions asked!?!!?!? COME ON!!!

I really did appreciate that the book was written well.  Lots of mystery books drive me crazy with loose ends that never become relevant and were just a waste of time...but Flynn did a great job of keeping my attention in the story line and tying everything together. It was definitely edgey...I mean there were nights when I couldn't stop reading.

Every night at dinner when I kept saying my book was continuing to become more and more of a psycho dramatic disaster, and I had no idea how all of this was going to wrap up and come together in a close so quickly.  Finally, I was twenty pages from completion and the plot was still thickening...the finish kind of leaves you in a place to choose your own end...which I couldn't believe...husband thinks he can finally convict the wife, tells her she's done for, but OH Wait! She's pregnant with his swimmers they froze years ago when they were meeting with a fertility doctor. SERIOUSLY!?!?! So I decided Nick and Amy were two psychos that could only tolerate each other. They would never be happy being happy...they would just find contentment making one another crazy.

So in hindsight, had I known more of the premise of this book I probably would've chosen another book instead. 

But all that to say...Thank GOD my husband rules. Love you, Tommy. Don't murder me.