So if you haven't noticed by now, I'm crrrrrazy about crafts.  In all the places I've lived in the past three years, when scoping out apartments or houses the "Craft Room" has always been a non-negotiable in the hunt for a home.  My friend Ann says I need friends, and my obsession is leaning towards problematic.  I just send her cute cards and she gets over it!

I wouldn't say I dabble in one particular craft...which is probably why my shelves and cupboards are full of so many random tricks of the trade.   My obsessions kind of go in phases.  I tend to see something and say to myself (or the dogs) "Hey! I can make that!"  Most of the time I can conquer my idea...and then there are the disasters that I spend more money in supplies than if I were to just buy whatever it is.  Like the time I tried to crochet my first hat -- it ended up looking more like a bike seat cover for grandmas.

Totally a lover of being thrifty AND trying new things.  Wedding planning in 2010 was a great excuse to spend 6 months doing BOTH!  Anyways, follow my blog to find my latest and greatest creations and crafts!

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