Thursday, July 5, 2012

Book Review: For One More Day

Ok for once, I won't let my book review be a total spoiler.  This book was a quick, easy read that gives you these emotions that force you to reflect on your own relationships with your family.  I kept being reminded of a verse that my stubborn head finds easy to forget: "Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry." - Ephesians 4:26

In this book the main character is basically given a second chance to reconcile some of his life's shortcomings.  This book, for me, was a reminder to not bank on getting that second chance.  I wanted to call my parents as soon as I was done reading.  

While reading this book I thought of some of my own life's parallel's.  Mitch Albom creates a beautiful story of a parent's sacrifice for her son to be happy and well.  I realized my parents have done that for me my entire existence and still do today even though I'm a grown adult.  

I can only hope that someday I'm as much of a parent, to my someday kids, as my parents have been to me.  My favorite little blurb from the book was when the main character is walking with his mother in the woods.  They come to a tree that she had carved "PLEASE" into.  It was her prayer to please take care of her kids and provide for them throughout their lives on earth.  The mother describes that the trees spend all day looking up at God, so who better to send her prayers with than the trees?  What a pretty idea:

Not necessarily categorizing this book as a must read, but it's definitely quick.  So if you finish a book and are needing a good in-betweener book THIS IS IT!  (and YES! I paid $1.50 for this book at that AWESOME Penn State Book Fair Fundraiser!)