Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY Wedding Crafts

Since it's our AnniBEARsary (because we love each other...and we love bears) I thought today was an appropriate day to post awesome DIY Wedding Craft Ideas.   It has been two years to the day that Tommy and I said we would forever.  Tommy's great.  I love him.  He's the smartest, sweetest, funniest, kindest guy I know.  

I totally appreciate that crafting isn't a dude's cup of tea and Tommy is such a great sport with my crafting and thriftiness.  Even though he hates Michael's & JoAnn Fabrics, I love a man who says "Can you make me a..." or "I need you to design my visual aide for my nursing class..."  Yes...yes...maybe it's his sweet endearing way of getting me to do some of his homework, but if the man continues to complete his random acts of kindness like organizing and cleaning my craft room...I'll craft his homework ANYDAY!  These pics are the Before & Afters Tommy took the day he proposed!  Isn't it cute that organizing my craft room was on the priority list of a great engagement for Lisa!?


And then it got awesomer when he crafted a proposal card for me!

So...back to wedding crafting.  Getting engaged was a crafters dream come true.  Our engagement was only 6 months.  Good thing.  Who knows what kind of insane, over the top craft projects I would have gotten myself into if I had more time.  

Wedding Signs are terribly cute and SUPER easy.  This cost me no money to even make.  We had plenty of wood scraps laying around in our basement.  I'm not even super awesome at painting or anything, but I just painted words and hearts on the sign and then outlined it with a black sharpie marker.  

We did a cupcake tower instead of a cake.  We had a pretty low maintenance wedding and didn't have a cake cutter and didn't want either of our moms cutting cake for the masses, so we opted cupcakes! Ordered from our fave local bakery and crafted cuteness onto them.  I had a circular paper punch that I cut out different colors of patterned paper.  I printed pictures of the dogs or the letter "B" onto these super easy Avery round stickers, then stuck these tiny craft sticks (like flat toothpicks) in between the circle paper and the sticker then POW...stuck it in the cupcake! 

The wedding invites and programs were a little more complicated than paint & outline or punch, print, stick...so in the meantime, check out this post for DIY Wedding invites and I'll post another soon with a DIY for these programs.  

And our most recent Bowlin Alley craft project is making a baby.  I WON'T be posting a DIY of how to MAKE a baby...but maybe a few baby craft ideas here and there.  And perhaps Baby Bowlin will be an Annibearsary gift and make her grand appearance today.  Tommy says no...keep my legs squeezed till at least Friday AFTER his next test.  Got it.  Baby on Friday.