If I had to pinpoint something I'm passionate about that I never would have dreamed, it's reading!  Growing up I always hated reading and my comprehension was pretty terrible.  I'd read two pages and not be able to tell you a lick of what it said...then when I was in college I discovered reading for fun!  Now I daydream about being on the beach, sitting in a chaise lounge multi-tasking: Soaking up some Sun & Reading!

To tell you my favorite book would be impossible.  There are so many that I love.  I don't necessarily even have a favorite genre of books.  I'm a sucker for a just about anything by James Patterson, which I think goes without saying for anyone who is obsessed with a show like Law & Order: SVU.  I'm also a proud lover of all the Harry Potter books.  Depending on my mood I could even go for a good self help book every now and then.  It's like seeing a therapist from the comfort of my couch.  

As motivation and tribute to my fellow book clubbers, I intend to use this blog as space to taunt you with my reading accomplishments.  My friend Jennie stands as our defending champion (which I  don't mind losing to her since works in the publishing industry -- she should be reading constantly),  but this year I intend to give her a run for her money!

My Bookshelf: