Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dear Friends: I'm Sorry!

Dear Friends,

I write to you all in hopes to give you a glimpse and better understanding of what I go through each day.  Yes, I realize my last blog post was on December 2nd.  Am I abandoning the blog? What?! Are you crazy???  No.  I'm wishing I had a third arm so I have 1-2 hands/arms available to blog, while the other hand/arm does something like hold a baby, do the dishes or feed my face....VERY rarely I find myself with 30 seconds of spare time and I think to myself "Do I start a blogpost?...or go take a whiz??..." Then I have to remind myself my sleep deprivation is making me lack better judgement.  I've started leaving sticky notes or phone reminders to do things like take a shower and go to the bathroom.

What's that smell? Oh gosh.  Sorry, that wiff of sour cream is probably my shirt sleeve.  Pennie puked on me and I didn't have a burp rag within arms reach so I had to use my Go-Go-Gadget SHIRT!  Oh how I wish I was Inspector Gadget these days....

I'm sorry I haven't texted you back.  There are a few reasons for this unintentional ignoring.  Yes, I read your text and had every intention of replying. Your text did make me smile AND think of you.  First of all, when I'm holding a sleeping babe I can't risk a ringtone waking her up, so my phone most often is on silent. SECOND of all, auto correct is such an unpredictable pain in the butt...if I don't have two free hands I don't dare text you back.  After trying to respond to Tommy once and say "you got it" and I instead replied "Yeah go tits" I quickly learned texting while holding a baby is like texting while driving...baaaaaad idea.  It sure got Tommy all riled up though ;)

So I was thinking we could go out for dinner sometime and catch up? Oh know what?  I keep forgetting Pennie usually starts falling asleep around 7:30 and at that point, I need to still go to bed when she does since she's waking up every two hours.  You wanna come over? Eh...well, actually maybe we should hold off on that thought too.  Its been three months since I've been able to clean my house.  Dang, I really need to get on this third arm growing thing...

Thanks for the nice comments on my work wear.  Mostly wearing dresses these days due to the fact that my friggin pants still don't fit, and I can suck my gut in with tummy control tights.  I've been boycotting buying fat pants and occasionally am still wearing my maternity pants with the stretchy band.  Remember when I cried in the maternity store because I thought preggy clothes were preposterous?! What was I thinking?! Never again.  Preggy pants took my Thanksgiving feasting to a whole new level.

Attention chick blog readers.  I interrupt this news broadcast due to a fussy baby.  In keeping with the spirit of this blog post I, trusty husband and faithful father, have stepped in to finish this post for Lis as she has been called away for a feeding by our milk vampire.  Perhaps in another month and a half Lisa will be able to write another blog post and possibly finish it as well.  Until that time go about your lives and think of us as you go to the movies, go out to dinner and get to poo without being interrupted by blood curdling screams of milk lust.  Namaste