When Tommy and I moved to Jasper, Indiana we quickly realized how spoiled we were by good dining establishments in Columbus, Ohio.  Our eating out selection went from hundreds of choices to Buffalo Wings & Rings or The Schneitzelbank... We grew fond of learning to cook and hang out in the kitchen.  Not only was this nicer on the budget, but it ended up being pretty fun.

My close relatives and friends know that cooking (and especially baking) is not my forte nor do I have an exquisite pallet or taste for fine foods, but I like eating!  Step ONE complete!  So my "style" of cooking (if you can even call it that) is WHATEVER'S EASY -- is that a style?  My family has a heavy Swedish background and they're all fabulous cooks and bakers, obviously I didn't inherit those traits.  But I've made DO and created my own style.  MOOOOST of the time it works.

So this page is a collection of my favorite successes (and maybe we'll sneak a few failures in from time to time -- keeps a girl humble, right?).  Feel free to comment on ways you've improved or tweaked my "recipes", if you can even call them that!  

My Recipes: