Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear Amazon, I Love You!

My husband is definitely the technology geek of our dynamic duo.  It was about two years ago that he started talking constantly about all these different e-readers.  He reads a TON more than I do and would totally benefit from having all his books in one cozy corner.

After hours of research he was determined to answer the ultimate debate: Nook vs. Kindle?

He had many pros and cons of both sides and decided the benefits of the Nook outweighed the Kindle. Tommy has now been a proud owner of a Nook for about a year and a half.  I did my fair share of dabbling in the Nook to read a few books.  I'll admit, it was indeed great.  So after talking about how cool I thought e-books were,  it was about a year later that I was given the incredible gift of a Kindle!  I had my very own e-reader.

Now, I'm not here to discredit the Nook by any means.  We've never had any problems with the Nook and still continue to love the Nook for saving us from adding MORE books to our limited bookshelf space.  But I AM going to tell you about my incredible Amazon experience that would keep me from ever swaying to another e-reader for the years and years to come.

Tommy & I usually end our days with quiet reading time in our room before we fall asleep.  We also usually end up making several trips to the bathroom to empty the tank before we call it a night.    I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and my sweet little kindle slipped under my pillow in our bed.  Of course our furry baby, Sheldon, had no idea my device was there and took a quick hop up onto our bed to greet me with his fluffiness when I returned.  When I pulled out my Kindle it had this crazy little spider web crack right in the middle of the screen.  I wanted to be mad, but how can you be mad at this face?

So, for once, instead of getting irritated and worked up, I waited until morning and called Amazon Customer Support.  I had a knot in my stomach while the phone was ringing and I waited for someone to answer my call.  I had already read that these cracks probably can't be repaired...From the moment my favorite customer service rep, Dominique, answered the phone I knew everything was going to be all right!  I explained to Dom what happened and he said there was NO WAY that impact should have cracked my screen and that they would have my Kindle replaced within 3 business days...WHAT?!  A BRAND NEW Kindle???  I was almost crying I was so happy.  Three days later a package arrived on my doorstep no questions asked.  The only disclaimer here was that my Kindle was still within one year of it's original registration date.  But still!!!  I couldn't believe it.

So Amazon, I must say...I'm your poster child for life.  I love you and will recommend your Kindle and any spawn of Kindle until you create something more masterful.  If you too, are on the fence about which e-reader way to sway, let THIS post be your determining factor in helping make your decision. KINDLE ALL THE WAY!