Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Mom's UnFriends...

As promised here is a continuation of my previous post .  I had written about my new besties that I've become acquainted with since having a baby.  I continue to deepen my "relationships" with those things as each day continues to go by. For example, I'm writing this post with a baby strapped to my chest in the BABYBJORN .  Since this time of year everyone acts more thankful than normal, I must say, DANG I'm thankful for this gadget!

While there are a few things that I've learned to love, there are also a few things that I've grown to hate. If these things had facebook accounts I would UNFRIEND them.  Parenting definitely has it challenges (listen to me...I say this like I've been a mother for decades, it's been 7 weeks) and these little qwerks have not been making it easier.

I feel like so many moms paint this picture like parenting is perfect heavenly bliss.  Now I'm not trying to say that it isn't, because I wouldn't change my life for anything! But I've GOT to believe that there are other moms in hiding who share my dislike (when the crap is facebook going to make a thumbs down button!?) with these motherhood "snags" if you will...So anyways, THESE are the things that I could live without:

  1. Hurley's Vocal Chords - Hurley is our dog. Don't get me wrong, I love him dearly...but he does not make naptime easy for a baby OR the mom who is trying to use that time to catch up.  I've learned where the expression "Sleep Like A Baby" comes from.  If you think about it, a baby develops their ears at like week 18 or something?! So for 23 weeks Pennie's ears heard dogs playing, vacuums running, me crying and her dad whistling. She heard all kinds of noise. So she sleeps through most noisy disruptions during her naps -- except for Hurley's Bark.  It's so loud.  He seems to have gotten louder, but maybe I'm just hyper sensitive to our surroundings now. Hmm...and right now our neighbor on the other side of our wall seems to be loudly humming a song I've never heard before.  So here's hoping Hurley tones it down soon because this Mama might lose it if he doesn't.
  2. Breastfeeding - If I got a nickel for every Mom who told me breastfeeding is such an amazing bonding experience, Pennie would have a pretty decent savings account started.  I was feeling pretty terrible when I wasn't experiencing this amazing bonding experience...I was having more of this feel-like-a-dairy-cow experience...So, nuff said...we're working on it.
  3. Nursing Bras - So speaking of breastfeeding woes...the whole kit and caboodle, including the "nursing wear" is just too weird...They're not convenient. They're not reasonably priced AND all your junk still hangs out when you nurse your baby.  I have no issues with those who nurse in public places, but that will never be me...nursing get up or not. 
  4. Houses without fenced in yards - I love our animals and I also love walking.  Typically, taking our dogs for walks throughout the day is a way for me to relax and unwind...but now that we have a baby that never naps, it's hard to take two dogs and a baby on a stroll to relieve our dogs. SO, a fenced in yard is something I dream about these days. 
  5. Netflix, no autoplay WHAT!? - Taking care of a baby requires a lot of living room time.  We walk in circles, we bounce, we rock, we sing, we dance....WHILE watching TV. Haha. Some multi tasking eh!?  We watch Hulu & Netflix and we love both for different reasons, but my UNfriend in this sitch is that I really can't stand the fact that Netflix doesn't have an autoplay option. So after each 21 minute episode of a show, you have to repush play. Hey Netflix, HULU has one upped you with an autoplay feature! Step up your game!!!
  6. Shopping Carts - Several stores have shopping carts that are compatible to the baby car seats and carriers. They conveniently hook right on to the baby seat section of the cart. Many of you know I'm a tad on the short side. So some carts are not so Lisa friendly because the cart with the carrier on top is so high I can't see where we're going! Costco's carts so far are definitely the worst! I can't see ANYTHING. So baby has to go INSIDE the cart and groceries go in the upper seat section.  Target carts are a little on the irritating side as well. BUT, I LOVE Lowes carts and Giant Eagle's carts (we're really living life on the wild side these days at Lowes, Giant Eagle, Target and Costco.).
  7. Hormones - Last but not stupid hormones are NOT my friend. No woman likes crying all the time, feeling like an emotional basket case or going through all these weird body changes. Stupid hormones...I don't like you. 
But after all these UNfriend snags, how about ending on a Friendly note?!  Take a look at this pic and try not to smile. Bet you can't do it!!! Baby Bowlin loves eating her Bjorn.  I need to be a poster child for the Bjorn, seriously! Couldn't live without it!  If you're a mom of a tiny one, you need one of these!