Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Horizontal Life

I just finished reading Chelsea Handler's book, "My Horizontal Life."  It was a change of pace for my regular choice of reading material.  Lately, my life has been pretty busy and hectic, and to come home to an intense story line wasn't doing it for my brain that was in desperate need of a wind down...

As I was reading this book I found myself literally LAUGHING out loud!  Now for those of you that know me, you KNOW I'm not much of a movie/book "laugh-out-louder" (nor do I ever prefer to use the "LOL" expression via text but that's another rant.) -- unless we're watching Lilly & Marshall on How I Met Your Mother OR the movie ELF, then there is a great chance I'm getting my ab workout in from laughing so hard. I don't care how many hundreds of times I've seen Elf -- it's STILL hilarious. But this book really had me out loud chuckling pretty much constantly.  Tommy was laughing just watching me read this book.

By the time I had finished the book, I found myself being kinda jealous of Chelsea (yes we're on a first name basis.).  I mean the book was a New York Times Best Seller, and it was about her random hilariously inappropriate love life (or lack thereof). I sat there thinking a book about my life would be a real knee slapper, but lets be honest -- my book would be judged by it's cover...who is going to read a book about A Day In The Life of Lisa?...So that's when I decided -- it's TIME TO GET FAMOUS!  

I'm serious. I'm writing Chelsea a letter.  Her hilarious books and funny followers have inspired me. [Side Rant: Remember back in 6th Grade when I'm sure some of you had a school assignment to write a letter to a famous person in hopes for a response?  I wrote to Amy Grant.  Ha. Funny huh?  I had this cassette tape of hers in 6th Grade called "Songs of the Loft" I was obsessed to say the least...anyways, if Amy Grant can be famous, so can I! Perhaps not due to my musical abilities...but SOMETHING!?]

Anyways, Chelsea -- you've inspired me.  Not to have one night stands or hook up with random dudes on cruise ships, but to live a life that makes people want to read books (or blogs) about me! -- and hopefully chuckle while reading about it.