Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect of this storyline after the ending of the first book, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that Peeta & Katniss BOTH haf to go BACK into the Arena.  I kept thinking -- "how will they get out of it THIS time..." So of course this whole Gale/Peeta plot thickens and I realize that people are such suckers (including myself) for this theme in a book trilogy - Twilight, Hunger Games, Fifty Shades...

As if this whole Hunger Games craze wasn't turning Twilight Saga enough as it is...Robert Pattinson may be joining the cast for Catching Fire's Movie as Finnick.  I suppose out of all the characters in the book Finnick is the one who I haven't decided on his image in my head, but Edward?! COME ON!  And let me guess...Robert Pattinson is already negotiating his role as Christian Grey when Fifty Shades of Grey goes film.

So I find myself in the SAME predicament I was in as I read the Twilight books...I have this fondness and sympathy for BOTH Peeta & Gale and I feel myself getting pissed at Katniss.  Dang. Maybe girls really are as confusing as guys say...

The end of this book wasn't as much of a cliff hanger to me as the first, but I still read the last one too.  I can't not finish what I started....I know, I know...I haven't finished the third of the Millenium Triology. I needed a break.  Anyways, being a 28 year old, (am I 28 now? Sometimes I have to do math to remember my age) I'm still finding it hard to believe that this story is being read by 9 year olds!?

Whatevs!  All in all, I'd recommend this series over Twilight any day.  I might even admit that I was so enamored by the first movie that I am excited to see the next two...and what, let me guess...they're going to make the last one into TWO films? Hah. We'll see.  Have a FABBOO weekend and READ ON my friends!