Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Wolf Gift

I haven't read any of Anne Rice's books until this one.  Initially I gave this read four stars because I did like the book, but then when I categorized my star ratings values as the following I decided I give this book 3 stars:

  • 5 Stars - I loved it!
  • 4 Stars - Really liked it!
  • 3 Stars - Liked it.
  • 2 Stars - Didn't like it.
  • 1 Star - Not a Fan...or NAF as my friend Laura would say.

So good book because:

  1. It's really beautiful.  Anne Rice paints really pretty pictures in my head of these beautiful homes and pretty people.  The house that Reuben acquires in the house sounds like a dream home.  The ancient werewolves in my head look really sophisticated and smart.  I would definitely say this is a great fall read.  The setting takes place in a woodsy area...and we're talking werewolfy in the fall...bring it spookmasters!
  2. The werewolf concept is modern.  I like how she goes with the werewolf existence here.  The weres can gain control over their shifting (this sort of goes along with the whole SHIFTER concept on True Blood...which I also like).  I just like how it's not this vicious cycle that happens every full moon.  I suppose that's kind of how the whole Twilight Vampire thing goes too though.  It's like the Cullens can control their bloody urges by feeding on bears or the True Blood vampires drink the synthetic blood.  I like the modern take on these mythical creatures more so than the Brad Pitt Interview with the Vampire dude who thirsts only on human blood and has to kill people everyday.
  3. Reuben really embraces his "Wolf Gift".  I liked that Reuben quickly comes to grips with his reality that he has been forever changed and makes it his life mission to understand and conquer this gift for the better.  When he first is turned and escapes the hospital he begins getting these urges to rescue and help people.  He wants to use his Man Wolfness (the Man Wolf thing is kinda weird...I feel like he could have come up with a better super hero name than "MAN WOLF"'s too obvious...kinda like "KICK ASS"...a little on the dumb side.)
So so book because:
  1. There is lots of relationship cheating going on in this book and its like it isn't a big deal...First Reuben bangs that Mardent girl. He didn't even know her.  He justified it because Celeste (his GIRLFRIEND) and cheated on him before!  Then when he turns Man Wolf he starts banging this other girl Laura...when he is a wolf and she's a human. Yipes. I just can't understand how that's gonna work...Anne Rice describes kissing lips and I keep imagining when I get "Dog Kisses" from Hurley our Dog.  Like is Reuben just licking his chops all over her face? That's weird. THEN Reuben gets a little jealous when he finds out that Celeste is dating his best friend, Mort...I're with Laura?  Just am never a fan of the movie or book that has relationship cheating going on.
  2. Good Character description and development...bad use of the potential.  This book wasn't that long and I actually think the storyline could have been a little deeper with all the character development that happened here.  Reuben's brother is a priest. They seem to have this great relationship and there is this inner struggle with his brother and Reuben because Reuben's werewolf existence is known to be evil...Reuben's Mother is a Dr. and seems super smart and quietly in tune with these physical changes that are happening to Reuben.  And that never goes anywhere. She pursues help for a little bit and then just stops. Laura, the wolf loving lover, has a story and we never learn it.  Reuben pours his heart out to her and they run away together...but he never learns about her backstory!  
  3. Dullsville Ending.  I liked this book.  Everytime I started reading I fell asleep in the book because I didn't want to put it down. Anne Rice's descriptions just make you want to keep reading.  But the last twenty pages of the book didn't resolve much for me and just kinda drug out to this slow finish.  It ended with a history lesson on how weres came to be, and then the book was done.  
I DO wonder if there will be a sequel to the book.  With all the character development  that happened that just didn't really go anywhere, and then the ending that just was more of an informative educational just leads me to believe there is more the story that Anne Rice wanted to break into two books.  As I said, this was my first Anne Rice read and I've always heard GREAT things about her books.  So if I thought this book was good I imagine her other books are beautiful and AWESOME! So I'll definitely read some of her other books.  And I would even recommend this one!  Just try and tell yourself there's gonna be a number two and maybe that'll make the missing pieces more justifiable!