Sunday, May 27, 2012

Card Crafts are CHEAP!

I've been on this brain kick for a few months now thinking that I might be able to start making some side cash flow with my crafting obsession.  I have found myself recently reading about people who have had successful etsy stores  with thousands of sales and positive feedback and wonder "could I do that?"...I'm still not sure and you know me, I tend to air on the side of caution before diving in blindly.  SO in the meantime my recent craze has been carding and hoarding completed craft projects!

I know I've said this before but I am LOVING the $1 card making bins at Michael's right now.  ALSO, you can download their mobile app to have coupons they scan right from your smartphone at checkout.  Tommy always teases me that I waste the cashiers scan for my 50 cents off of a $1 stamp, but he should appreciate my frugality.  I'm thinking about cleaning out the couch cushions after this so I can find spare change for a new stamp!   So in a nutshell, $1 bins rule. It cost me hmmm...$3 to make 8 cards and I'll totally use the stamps and the ink again!

What you need:
  • Blank Cards & Envelopes - Totally in the $1 bin right now!
  • Stamp Pad - Pigment Ink I find works best for paper cards. 
  • Rubber Stamp 
  • Colored Cardstock Scraps
  • Glue Stick
What to do:
Get creative. You can't really screw these up. 
  1. Punch.
  2. Glue. 
  3. Stick.
  4. Stamp. 

I tend to find myself only liking the wording on some of my stamps, so I'll only ink that part and just pretend the picture part isn't even there.

When you stamp the card, I stamp in one or two colors and then color in the image with colored pencil or marker.  I've been in the colored pencil mood, but sometimes I want bolder colors and will go marker.

Yes Evie. I stole some of your pens as props for my card photo shoot.  Thank You!  The color scheme of them went well with my stamp ink.

Next on my list of things to learn:  How to take better pictures...perhaps I should start with getting a better camera.  These photos were taken with my smartphone.  Not bad, but whatevs!