Thursday, November 8, 2012

Letters to Pennie...

So I'm still off the grid with the whole blogging thing, but I've been wanting to check in quickly with at least SOMEthing to keep you all baited for what's to come.

As most of you know, after a long nine months of working and growing a baby, she finally arrived!  Since we boycotted reading any books prior to her arrival, we've been winging this whole parenting thing. It's a little overwhelming, but we love our little bundle and are quickly getting the hang of our new joyous reality. We never imagined we could have so much love! AND for a BABY!!! I love a BABY!! Can you believe it!? I'm serious. Crazy about her.

So I've been keeping my lists of blog ideas that should make you laugh, but in the meantime, I thought I'd share a post of Tommy's "web log" he wrote to our future baby a few months ago. It's hilarious and so sweet.  Since I'm hormonal and crying a lot for no reason, it made me get misty eyed.  I thought it was cute and worth sharing since many of you have been asking for SOME sort of blog update.

So without further adieu, here is a sweet little letter that Tommy wrote to his future daughter while she was still cookin'!  We called her "Bobbin" for a while because the name "Penny" meant "Bobbin Weaver"....not sure what that is? But her code pre-birth baby name was Bobbin for a few months. Here's the cute note (now I'm off to go snuggle my little bundle of love).

Hi Bobbin,
     As your dad (which sounds weird to me right now, but I’m sure will turn into the most important moniker in my life) I wanted to impart some words of wisdom to you as you grow and become your own wonderful person.  I am not the wisest man in the world, far from it (probably in the bottom 3% of human kind), but I have lived through lots of things in my life so here are some things I have learned:

  1. Think before you speak.  Seriously, everybody wants to talk all the time but they have nothing important to say.  Make your words count and people will listen.
  2. Learn to throw a ball.  Girls who can’t throw balls look really ridiculous!  Hehe.  Your Mom can throw one really well and that’s something I love about her.  All guys like a girl who can play with them, so we’ll work on this!
  3. Save your love for someone who deserves it.  Life is full of heartache, especially in the teen years.  Save yourself from some and realize that you are great and only deserve someone who is equally great.
  4. Along those same lines, boys are idiots.  They don’t want to be just “friends”.  Except maybe in rare cases or they are gay boys. 
  5. Be decisive.  Find what you are good at in life and stick with it.  It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life..  Your Mom and I will support you in whatever you do, unless you want to become a professional roller skater or VCR technician.
  6. A strong work ethic will get you very far in life.  Your Mom is the best example of this I know!  Talk to her about it..  Hehe.
  7. Love God.  Talk to him and listen to him and everything will be ok.
  8. Dogs truly are man (and woman’s) best friends.  Except for little stupid yippy dogs.  Those don’t count.  They aren’t real dogs.  They are more like cats and cats are dumb.  Cute, but dumb.
  9. If you take after one of your parents, pick your mom :o).  She is well balanced, unafraid of life and genuine.  Take notes.
  10. School is important.  I hated school until I was able to choose what I wanted to do with it. Any source of learning is critical even if it’s boring.  This is coming from a lifelong student. :o)
  11. Learn punctuation and how to spell.  Grammar errors are the world’s biggest problem; don’t contribute to them.
  12. Don’t be afraid of anything.  Life is too short to be a wuss.  Unless any of the following are involved: Sharks, ghosts, zombies, satan, someone with a gun, AIDS, undercooked meat, drugs, country music, under water pictures, clowns, or Tyler Perry.
  13. My head and my heart generally tell me two different things which can be confusing. I go with my gut.  It’s always right.
  14. Books are one of the most wonderful things ever created.  If the choice is TV or a book, pick the book unless there is something really sweet on the tube like the Olympics, or the book is Twilight or something by Nicholas Sparks.
  15. If you ever find yourself in a situation lacking food, get some peanut butter.  Not only is it delicious, but also semi-healthy and will keep you full.  
  16. Don't fart in an elevator, someone will get on right after you do and know YOU did it!  At least wait until right before you are waiting to get off, rip a huge one, then hit all the floor buttons before you run out so that person is stuck with it on every floor in the building.
We are super excited for you to come.  Hurry up.  I don't have an exam this week so start swimming toward the light baybet!