Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pittsburgh Places: The Pretzel Shop

When I'm having "one of those days" I always feel like an Auntie Anne's pretzel makes my world a little better of a place.  They're super buttery, salty, crispy, yet soft and OH so delicious.  My mouth is watering right now just thinking about off the thing (IDK!? Do they fry them? So hot out of the dipper?).  Anyways...

We've been in Pittsburgh for about two years now and I noticed this cute little pretzel shop MONTHS ago and thought I MUST TRY!  Now as you Pittsburghers already know, to those of you that don't, PARKING in the BURGH STINKS!  So every time I've been down in this neighborhood with the idea of pretzeling it up I can never find a place to park. I get so discouraged.  

Tommy and I were driving through the Southside on Carson Street the other day and the clouds opened up, and this ray of sunshine shone down on this golden parking spot RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE PRETZEL SHOP!!!  NO BRAINER! Pulling in!!!  It was definitely our best Pittsburgh parking moment yet.  

We pull in and head into this small little shop.  My nose is instantly overwhelmed by what to do.  There were so many things and options going on.  And on top of pretzeling, they BAKE in the Pretzel Shop too??? I wanted to buy the whole store, but I had to control myself.  The little lady that worked there told us if you don't eat them pretty close to when you buy, they get kinda hard and tough after a while.  So, if I'm going to buy a lot, I'm going to eat a lot...pace yourself, Lisa!

So Tommy and I both chose two different options.  Tommy went with the breakfast pretzel sandwich with ham, egg and cheese (which is served all day).  I was on the fence between the veggie pizza pretzel, the pizza pizza pretzel or the chicken salad pretzel.  I think since Tommy was getting hot pretzel, I decided to go cold.  I don't think any of my choices would have left me disappointed.  It was SO good.  The pretzel of course was the best part.  I wished that I had more room in my stomach because I would have LOVED to have tried the pretzel that was covered in some kind of cheese and jalapenos! 

The pretzels were so good.  It's not even comparable to Auntie Anne's at all, but will definitely be one of my new comfort foods.  It's not least I don't think it is.  The dough is so good with a light dusting of that chunky pretzel salt on top. Oh my GOSH!  Now what I WANT TO KNOW is how far they deliver!  They deliver Monday - Friday from 11:00am - 1:00pm.  Can I get a pretzel sandwich delivered to my work for lunch everyday? Cuz that would rule!! A plain soft pretzel was only a $1!!  We doctored ours up.  

One of the best pretzels I've ever had for sure.  Actually, now that I'm thinking about it...I don't think I've had a better pretzel.  Definitely worth a try.  If you're in the neighborhood and you can't find a parking spot...keep circling!  It's worth the wait!